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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Heart Tangle - Challenge #324

This week's challenge #324 on was presented by guest Jessica Davies. She asked us to draw a heart. For me this is an expression of my gratitude and appreciation to the worldwide Zentangle community. I could not ask for a more positive, creative, supportive and intelligent group of people with whom to share the process of creating artwork and just having fun! Thank you!

Lately I have been using to generate random tangles. Today I searched for tangles by type, selecting "hearts," of which there are a whopping 34 to choose from. I chose Lesley Goldberg's Hearts-a-Flutter. I love tangle patterns that are full of curves and auras on top of auras of curves! So i really liked  this new tangle. For the outer reaches, I just went with my Mac 'N Cheese tangles Joki and a little army of 'Dillo armadillos marching around the edges. They seemed to work really well with the heart pattern.

I love how the heart is in Sienna ink and the other tangles are in black. I would very much like you to be impressed with my artistic choice here, but the truth is that I accidentally picked up the Sienna pen (once again) and started drawing before I realized it! Aren't accidents great?! At the CZT training last month, I bought a t-shirt that says "No Mistakes" and has a big Bronx Cheer Raspberry on it. That's my philosophy of life too.

I almost needed that raspberry coverup when my Sakura pen exploded at the very end while I was signing my chop MHF. I This was a first for me, but where there is ink, there are ink blots, so I am not surprised. I was grateful that it waited for me to complete the Zentangle before it decided to do that.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I welcome your comments! Thank you also for following through  this record of my stream of consciousness while tangling. Please visit again!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

BEad Inspired - Challenge #319

This week's challenge was very heart-felt. We were told about a program that helps kids who have ongoing, chronic illness. This program lets these kids get different colored beads for each medical visit or procedure they undergo. Gradually they collect a longer and longer string of beads that tells their story. "I saw the doctor and I got a shot and then I  had to stay in the hospital and the respiratory therapist came to see me every day..." Each of those is a bead. Se we were asked to BEad Imspired. 

I went hunting around Tangle Patters and rediscovered MaryHill from Betsy Wilson, CZT. This was one of her variations where MaryHill is ruffled up into a big blossom and decorated with beads. I added Beadline for more decoration and more beads. Thank you Betsy for these ideas, I loved your Zentangle so much i wanted to draw it.

Last week I did the challenge and posted it here but somehow it never posted on If you have time to take a look, click on "Dyptich - Challenge #318" on the right, of maybe just scroll down.

I am getting very excited. I leave for CZT training #28 in just 10 days. Let me know if any of you are also going.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dyptich - Challenge 318

This week's challenge was to tangle a dyptich by folding a tile in half and tangling two mirror images. I used the simple tangles florz, flux, and shattuck on the two halves, then created a buckle or connector to bridge the piece, using the tangle pattern Huggins. I was recently reading in the Zentangle Primer that this tangle was named for the Huggins family (in-laws to Rick and Maria, I believe) because the Hugginses taught Rick and Maria the pattern as "something they used to draw when they were kids." 

That made me remember drawing 3-D stars and 3-Pronged Blivits. Not to to mention creating cootie catchers out of paper and Jacob's ladders out of string and eucalyptus trees out of newspaper and crowns made of white clover flowers where you thread each stem into the next one. So much fun to wear your crown once it was done. A diadem. Kids make great stuff.

Huggins can look really metallic somehow! Reminds me of the Vikings, (full disclosure, a series I am currently a bit hooked on). I decorated the connector with Mooka, which takes on an engraved feeling when set over the Huggins buckle. Vikings, Kids, French Poster Art, Mad Magazine. Every Zentangle is a journey of connections through time and art.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Challenge 317 - Tangle with a Photo

This week's challenge is to tangle with a photo. I have a box of photos for collage, so I went though it and came across this beloved detail from Hieronymus Bosch's painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. I've always loved the idea of being inside a friendly golden bubble of light and happiness. It's something I visualize frequently.

The scanned image was pale and delicate, so I decided to use a renaissance tile and brown ink. Imagine my delight to find Bosch himself drawing Frumkey right there on there on the left in blue! All I had to do was just extend it out onto the tile. Then I used my two most favorite tangles of late, 'Dillo and Joki. I just love how they fill up a space with their curves. And how all the individual armadillos and jokers combine to flow together. Finally the whole thing seemed to call for a strong boundary and Zander volunteered his sheaves and was very welcome. 

I had fun, it didn't take long for some reason. It was quick and easy and the drawing process was a touch of earthly delight for me. Thanks to the Diva. I would never have had the nerve to paste a photo into a tangle without her daring inspiration.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Challenge 316: String Theory - Stripes

This week's challenge was to create a Zentangle with stripes. I enjoyed this very much. I used the tangle pattern Jalousie which I just love for no reason. I guess it reminds of the old window blinds that you don't see much anymore. Also Organic, a tangle that amazes me every time I draw it.

I have been working through the Zentangle Primer, and in Lesson 7 Reticla and Fragments, a number of fragments are presented that I used in my stripes. Also in Lesson 6, More Tangles, the tangle pattern Ing is introduced. It's explained that Molly saw a metal sculpture in Florida that inspired Ing with all its triangles. Then Molly herself writes about how she created Munchin  when she made a "mistake" drawing Rick's Paradox. I love it that there are no mistakes in Zentangle. No mistakes in life, either. No accidents. Everything that happens is what happens and is glorious in its own way, whether we realize it or not.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Challenge 315 - Molygon

This challenge was fun, using molygon and filling it with a tangle that i hope to identify soon! Do you know which it is? If so please leave a comment and tell me. Thanks! I love using the brown pen.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weekly Challenge #312 - Spilled Coffee

This week's challenge was to allow a spilled drink to define the string for a Zentangle. Can't get more Zen than that! My coffee with cream and sugar made a lovely beige color. and it very cooperatively divided the tile into 4 sections.

First I filled the beige section with my latest fav tangle: Frumkey. I was too busy to enter the Frumkey challenge 2 weeks ago, so I am making up for lost time. Frumkey reminds me of Joki and 'Dillo, two other favorites of mine. All three seem to have lots of curvy fun chaos. I am new to using a sienna 01 pen. Seems VERY exciting to me to start to add color after 8 months of tangling in black and white only. But I have always been easily amused!

For my second tangle, I remembered Maria saying she liked to combine curves with grids, or maybe she said curvy tangles with more rectangular tangles. Anyway, I thought a grid would provide contrast, so I put in an area of Yew Dee.

The coffee spill created a very nice sized triangle at what was becoming the "top." That gave me the idea of using Foldz, a tangle that seems to lend itself to triangles. I didn't like how it looked, but then once it was shaded it was much improved. Shading Foldz makes a big difference. Shading everything makes a big difference!

Finally I wanted something to tie it all together. Betweed seemed just the thing. I think Betweed is an amazingly mysterious tangle, up there with Paradox. There is so little to drawing it, but so much when you look at it. Between continues to Bewitch!

Thanks to Laura Harms for putting up the challenge each week.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Weekly Challenge #311 - Circles and Squares

This week's Challenge was to use a circle and a square. A few days ago I took an Introduction to Zentangle class with Cheryl Wilson, CZT. Cheryl is a wonderful teacher! We were working with these tangles, so I decided to use them again in the challenge. Flux, Floo and Florz are flamboyant, flabbergasting little flaunters! And Bales and Keeko are old favorites.

I like how Flux works with a black background, never tried that before. I had forgotten how much I liked Keeko, especially when Cheryl showed us how to "shade across the lines," i.e. shade horizontally on the vertical lines and vertically on the horizontal ones. That just looks so good to me. I am continually amazed at the power of shading to make things so much more interesting and dramatic. Not to mention shading's power to cover a multitude of sins, of which I am plentifully guilty!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weekly Challenge #308 - Mac N Cheese

This week the challenge is to use your favorite go-to, no-stress, just plain love 'em tangle patterns. Thank you Diva for this wonderful idea! My favorite pattern so far is Meringue. I love drawing those sinuous curves. I hoped a Meringue flower would make a great tangle moviestar in the middle. The way Drawings or Squid can do.

Dillo, in the upper right, is so named because it looks like an armadillo! You can't beat that for just plain wonderful silliness. Joki and 'Dillo go together in my head, not sure if it's just because I learned them on the same day, but I think they have curves in common. And a certain exuberant happiness. Lots of curves today! And happiness I hope.

Zander is essential Mac N Cheese, dating back to the day I first opened my new Zentangle Kit and put in the CD and drew my first tangle. You can't beat that, it's like your old teddy bear or your blankie! Finally Shattuck. Whadda background tangle! I like how all the curvy patterns mix it up together in this. Zander is the curtain in the window. Or the beach on which all the other tangles are crashing. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weekly Challenge #307

This week's challenge was Zingo, which seems like an inherently fun tangle pattern! I used FOLDS in the corners, and filled the FOLDS with PRINTEMPS.  Then I had fun putting PANTHE behind everything. The Pantheon seemed a very serious and historical background to use for all this frivolity and fun!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Weekly Challenge 306

Weekly Challenge #306


I thought Drupe was a little bug-like and certainly Marasu is snakey. Then the long stringy interpretation of Amphora seemed a little reptilian to me too. Diva Dance Waltz seems completely psychedelic to me somethings. So it was waltzing with bugs and snakes night with this Zentangle!

Friday, March 3, 2017

New Paintings

These are the new paintings I am enjoying doing. I haven't felt this good about any paintings I have done for years! I am using alcohol inks on yupo (synthetic) paper. Very vivid and infinitely re-workable. I have been wanting to do plaid paintings for a long time, so finally they are here.
Your comments welcome!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Weekly Challenge #305

Duotangle: Marasu vs Molygon

I had never used either of these tangle patterns before and honestly I was not looking forward to having to do snake handling with Marasu! But lo and behold, I actually started to like it as I was drawing. I think I de-snakified it to a degree by not using a coil, and that helped. Zentangles are a never ending series of surprises.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Weekly Challenge #304

 Zentangle Waybop

This is my first entry into the Weekly Challenge and I am very excited. I put Ginilli in the center because I love its flowering nature so much. I used Beadlines to anchor the center to the rest. Then I put a different tangle in each section, an ode to my current favorites, including (clockwise from the top) Sand Swirl, Diva Dance, Jetties, 'Dillo, Vortex, 'Nzeppel, Meringue and Echoism. I finished it off with a border of Golven. (Thank you Cheryl Wilson, CZT, for showing me Beadlines, Golven and so many more!)


Welcome to my Zentangle and Meditative Arts Blog. I have been doing art work since the seventies and have been practicing Vipassana meditation since the early nineties. I love being in the areas where meditation and art intersect, being totally in the present, focused, alert, alive, awake. Lots of the time, for me, it is a really fun space to be in. Sometimes it's a struggle, but it is always intimately connected to what is really happening, to how things really are, right now.

I live with my husband in Auburn, CA, where I own a small Web Design Business, teach meditation, paint and make Zentangles. I also write, and my first book is on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle, and it is called Loss of Deliverance. It's a coming of age story about a woman who gets caught up in the seventies drug trade and how she finds her way out. My second book is coming soon, hopefully this summer.

I discovered Zentangles in September, 2016, just six months ago , and have been captivated since. It all started when I saw a Zentangle class in the adult ed catalogue of our local community college. I had no idea what the word Zentangle even meant, but it sounded like art and it had the word "Zen." How could I go wrong?

I got online and bought the Zentangle Kit, and I have never looked back!  I did attend that local class, taught by Cheryl Wilson, CZT, and have been working with Cheryl ever since. She has been a wonderful teacher and mentor. See her beautiful work here.

I have had so much fun with Zentangles, discovering more and more about them, and it just keeps getting better. This discovery has sparked a renaissance in my painting that was completely unexpected. But very welcome!

I am signed up for the June 18, 2017 CZT Training Seminar and just cannot wait! I hope to meet some of you in person there.