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Friday, May 26, 2017

Challenge 317 - Tangle with a Photo

This week's challenge is to tangle with a photo. I have a box of photos for collage, so I went though it and came across this beloved detail from Hieronymus Bosch's painting, The Garden of Earthly Delights. I've always loved the idea of being inside a friendly golden bubble of light and happiness. It's something I visualize frequently.

The scanned image was pale and delicate, so I decided to use a renaissance tile and brown ink. Imagine my delight to find Bosch himself drawing Frumkey right there on there on the left in blue! All I had to do was just extend it out onto the tile. Then I used my two most favorite tangles of late, 'Dillo and Joki. I just love how they fill up a space with their curves. And how all the individual armadillos and jokers combine to flow together. Finally the whole thing seemed to call for a strong boundary and Zander volunteered his sheaves and was very welcome. 

I had fun, it didn't take long for some reason. It was quick and easy and the drawing process was a touch of earthly delight for me. Thanks to the Diva. I would never have had the nerve to paste a photo into a tangle without her daring inspiration.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Challenge 316: String Theory - Stripes

This week's challenge was to create a Zentangle with stripes. I enjoyed this very much. I used the tangle pattern Jalousie which I just love for no reason. I guess it reminds of the old window blinds that you don't see much anymore. Also Organic, a tangle that amazes me every time I draw it.

I have been working through the Zentangle Primer, and in Lesson 7 Reticla and Fragments, a number of fragments are presented that I used in my stripes. Also in Lesson 6, More Tangles, the tangle pattern Ing is introduced. It's explained that Molly saw a metal sculpture in Florida that inspired Ing with all its triangles. Then Molly herself writes about how she created Munchin  when she made a "mistake" drawing Rick's Paradox. I love it that there are no mistakes in Zentangle. No mistakes in life, either. No accidents. Everything that happens is what happens and is glorious in its own way, whether we realize it or not.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Challenge 315 - Molygon

This challenge was fun, using molygon and filling it with a tangle that i hope to identify soon! Do you know which it is? If so please leave a comment and tell me. Thanks! I love using the brown pen.