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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Heart Tangle - Challenge #324

This week's challenge #324 on was presented by guest Jessica Davies. She asked us to draw a heart. For me this is an expression of my gratitude and appreciation to the worldwide Zentangle community. I could not ask for a more positive, creative, supportive and intelligent group of people with whom to share the process of creating artwork and just having fun! Thank you!

Lately I have been using to generate random tangles. Today I searched for tangles by type, selecting "hearts," of which there are a whopping 34 to choose from. I chose Lesley Goldberg's Hearts-a-Flutter. I love tangle patterns that are full of curves and auras on top of auras of curves! So i really liked  this new tangle. For the outer reaches, I just went with my Mac 'N Cheese tangles Joki and a little army of 'Dillo armadillos marching around the edges. They seemed to work really well with the heart pattern.

I love how the heart is in Sienna ink and the other tangles are in black. I would very much like you to be impressed with my artistic choice here, but the truth is that I accidentally picked up the Sienna pen (once again) and started drawing before I realized it! Aren't accidents great?! At the CZT training last month, I bought a t-shirt that says "No Mistakes" and has a big Bronx Cheer Raspberry on it. That's my philosophy of life too.

I almost needed that raspberry coverup when my Sakura pen exploded at the very end while I was signing my chop MHF. I This was a first for me, but where there is ink, there are ink blots, so I am not surprised. I was grateful that it waited for me to complete the Zentangle before it decided to do that.

Thank you for visiting my blog and I welcome your comments! Thank you also for following through  this record of my stream of consciousness while tangling. Please visit again!


  1. Lovely heart, Mary Helen! I like that the center is in sienna and the rest in black. Gives the heart more definition. Your perceived mistake was actually perfection for this tile. :-)
    Thanks for participating in the challenge!

  2. Mary, this is a lovely use of hearts! The color variation works so well too!