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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Thursday, June 8, 2017

BEad Inspired - Challenge #319

This week's challenge was very heart-felt. We were told about a program that helps kids who have ongoing, chronic illness. This program lets these kids get different colored beads for each medical visit or procedure they undergo. Gradually they collect a longer and longer string of beads that tells their story. "I saw the doctor and I got a shot and then I  had to stay in the hospital and the respiratory therapist came to see me every day..." Each of those is a bead. Se we were asked to BEad Imspired. 

I went hunting around Tangle Patters and rediscovered MaryHill from Betsy Wilson, CZT. This was one of her variations where MaryHill is ruffled up into a big blossom and decorated with beads. I added Beadline for more decoration and more beads. Thank you Betsy for these ideas, I loved your Zentangle so much i wanted to draw it.

Last week I did the challenge and posted it here but somehow it never posted on If you have time to take a look, click on "Dyptich - Challenge #318" on the right, of maybe just scroll down.

I am getting very excited. I leave for CZT training #28 in just 10 days. Let me know if any of you are also going.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Dyptich - Challenge 318

This week's challenge was to tangle a dyptich by folding a tile in half and tangling two mirror images. I used the simple tangles florz, flux, and shattuck on the two halves, then created a buckle or connector to bridge the piece, using the tangle pattern Huggins. I was recently reading in the Zentangle Primer that this tangle was named for the Huggins family (in-laws to Rick and Maria, I believe) because the Hugginses taught Rick and Maria the pattern as "something they used to draw when they were kids." 

That made me remember drawing 3-D stars and 3-Pronged Blivits. Not to to mention creating cootie catchers out of paper and Jacob's ladders out of string and eucalyptus trees out of newspaper and crowns made of white clover flowers where you thread each stem into the next one. So much fun to wear your crown once it was done. A diadem. Kids make great stuff.

Huggins can look really metallic somehow! Reminds me of the Vikings, (full disclosure, a series I am currently a bit hooked on). I decorated the connector with Mooka, which takes on an engraved feeling when set over the Huggins buckle. Vikings, Kids, French Poster Art, Mad Magazine. Every Zentangle is a journey of connections through time and art.