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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Weekly Challenge #308 - Mac N Cheese

This week the challenge is to use your favorite go-to, no-stress, just plain love 'em tangle patterns. Thank you Diva for this wonderful idea! My favorite pattern so far is Meringue. I love drawing those sinuous curves. I hoped a Meringue flower would make a great tangle moviestar in the middle. The way Drawings or Squid can do.

Dillo, in the upper right, is so named because it looks like an armadillo! You can't beat that for just plain wonderful silliness. Joki and 'Dillo go together in my head, not sure if it's just because I learned them on the same day, but I think they have curves in common. And a certain exuberant happiness. Lots of curves today! And happiness I hope.

Zander is essential Mac N Cheese, dating back to the day I first opened my new Zentangle Kit and put in the CD and drew my first tangle. You can't beat that, it's like your old teddy bear or your blankie! Finally Shattuck. Whadda background tangle! I like how all the curvy patterns mix it up together in this. Zander is the curtain in the window. Or the beach on which all the other tangles are crashing. 


  1. Pretty tile and I am going with the beach theme! :)

  2. Lovely tile with beautiful drawn tangles!

  3. I don't know whether I like the drawing or description better. Lovely and very springlike.

  4. Graceful piece, and I especially like that Zander holding everything in place!