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Saturday, February 25, 2017


Welcome to my Zentangle and Meditative Arts Blog. I have been doing art work since the seventies and have been practicing Vipassana meditation since the early nineties. I love being in the areas where meditation and art intersect, being totally in the present, focused, alert, alive, awake. Lots of the time, for me, it is a really fun space to be in. Sometimes it's a struggle, but it is always intimately connected to what is really happening, to how things really are, right now.

I live with my husband in Auburn, CA, where I own a small Web Design Business, teach meditation, paint and make Zentangles. I also write, and my first book is on Amazon in paperback and for Kindle, and it is called Loss of Deliverance. It's a coming of age story about a woman who gets caught up in the seventies drug trade and how she finds her way out. My second book is coming soon, hopefully this summer.

I discovered Zentangles in September, 2016, just six months ago , and have been captivated since. It all started when I saw a Zentangle class in the adult ed catalogue of our local community college. I had no idea what the word Zentangle even meant, but it sounded like art and it had the word "Zen." How could I go wrong?

I got online and bought the Zentangle Kit, and I have never looked back!  I did attend that local class, taught by Cheryl Wilson, CZT, and have been working with Cheryl ever since. She has been a wonderful teacher and mentor. See her beautiful work here.

I have had so much fun with Zentangles, discovering more and more about them, and it just keeps getting better. This discovery has sparked a renaissance in my painting that was completely unexpected. But very welcome!

I am signed up for the June 18, 2017 CZT Training Seminar and just cannot wait! I hope to meet some of you in person there.

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